Ford Fiesta – Jessy Cohen

Action No. 7 Ford Fiesta – Jessy Cohen


Digital Art Lab – Holon
November 2013

Ford Fiesta in Jessy is the outcome of a workshop for local residents by “Tzzazit” ensemble,

This unique project presents a cooperation of “Tzzazit” ensemble artists – Eili Levy and Uri Levinson with local residents, who worked together to create moving installations – “Meizazim” built from Ford Fiesta parts that were deconstructed by the ensemble and the residents in a series of meetings, using the FabLabIL (digital fabrication laboratory).

The calculated deconstruction process evolved into creating pieces with autonomic motion: “Meizazim” – moving sculptures made of engines parts and various objects. These “Meizazim” will be presented in the exhibition.

Participants: Lea London, Vered Levanon-Parante, Duba Levanon, Julia Almog, Miri Mendel, Eyov Tesfahun, Yosef Mulu.

Tzzazit- a project taking place all over Israel which enables local residents to take part in an artistic project as co-creators by building “Meizazim”.The project has been produced in Berlin, Be’eri Kibbutz, Tel Aviv and Ramla.

The exhibition will open for one month in a new space at the Center, alongside “Histories”, the current exhibition already on view.

Entrance is free!

7/11/13 – 7/12/13


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