Spare Me Your Blind Spots


An artistic enterprise in the field of plastic arts as artists and   non-artists,   by   building   “meizazim”   –   moving installations in Tel Aviv and Berlin
September 6 -16 / 2012
Initiated by TZZAZIT artists Eili Levy and Uri Levinson

On  the  occasion  of  “I  love  art”  day  in  Tel  Aviv  and
“Kunstherbst Berlin”
Opening on September 6, 2012 / 7 p.m.
with a live streamed meeting between people from
Tel Aviv and Berlin
in cooperation with the municipality of Tel Aviv

TZZAZIT is an international community project, that deals with the complex dialogue between art and community. TZZAZIT initiate and create encounters between people, objects,   technologies   and   cultures,   enabling   various forms of connection. The underlying basis is a connection whose results are unplanned. It is the observation of these results,  that  intrigues  us  and  activates us,  and  creates the next stage of the work. This process takes place at all levels: from the active personal encounter between the  TZZAZIT-artists.  The  encounter  with  the  workshop

participants and the process of working with them. The technological encounter (in this project: meizaz** moving installation) uses various connections between materials and movements. For TZZAZIT-artists the encounter between cultural capitals where searching is a way of life creates an ideal basis for expanding experimentation and observation.
TZZAZIT  is  based  on  the  principle  of  cooperation. This principle creates circular movement devoid of any hierarchy.

The target is to reach a new awareness of the world around us while getting in touch with objects as part of peoples surrounding’s.
What is new is the attempt of the TZZAZIT artist’s to involve people via live-streamed meetings into the production of art without having problems with distance.
It should not be a problem any longer to create together from several spots all over the world and at the same time. This project addresses new ways to clear so called “blind spots” – by using Internet and new media, but also the presence of objects, created and installed in public space with an aesthetic  dimension in a common, creative act of collaboration.

In partnership with:
Freies Museum Berlin,    |   Constanze Kleiner, Kurator / Berlin   |
Ola Lewin, Künstlerin / Berlin,   |
Sharon Harodi, Künstlerin / Berlin,    |     ArtEngineers,

TZZAZIT artists Eili Levy and Uri Levinson

The Israeli artists Eili Levy and Uri Levinson build moving installations consisting  of  objects  of  daily  life.  They  create the  installations  in  public  space  and  in  cooperation  with local people, that have been invited by the artists to create a common artwork.

During workshops the artists discuss the objects, which have been brought from participants and are to be used as basic material for the installation with their temporary partners. This basic material has been surrounding the workshop participants before day by day and therefore may be microwaves, furniture, clocks etc. – any kind of small electrical household aids.

Depending on the phantasy and ideas of the people, joining the workshop, the original function and meaning of several objects are changed mechanically with the support of the artists. While putting them into a new context by electrical and mechanical constructions and make them move, it is possible, to get a new perspective not only on the objects themselves, but also on the way, people live with them – or the way, one lives, surrounded by those objects.

Upon construction the newly created objects are installed in public space. The artists put them into a new relationship to each other using effects of unexpected movement-moments.

During this process the objects become subjects and start to act and communicate in a way, that it is not expected and was not seen before.

In this way an enterprise in plastic arts – like a social sculpture is  initiated  by  building  “meitzazim”  –  moving  installations. The artists try to focus the attention of people on their surroundings, on the communities, societies and peoples life within society.

The TZZAZIT artists try to initiate a new perspective and a new way to see the surrounding world that not only consists of objects, but of subjects, something one doesn’t realize during daily routine. Every “object” exists with an own world of relationships, that is surprising and worth to be discovered.

The  main  target,  the  artist are  aiming  is  to  become  more sensitive for the parallel universes, that exist in everybody’s neighborhood, and to start acting and communicating with a new kind of perception.

Waking up somebody’s phantasy and creativity is a possibility for individual mental flexibility and mobility. Besides this mental mobility the artist rely on motion in general in order to gain new awareness and to reach a new level of collective consciousness.

Whether mechanically, through changing locations by travelling or through sharing information by sending word messages or pictures all movement is also a way to clear so called “blind spots” in global communication, from the presence and the past.  And therefore to live in a friendly,  peaceful world in the future.

The concept of the TZZAZIT artist is very related to the „Social Sculpture“ theory of Joseph Beuys, which indicates that everybody is able to contribute with creative acting to the public goods of the society and also to be able to “plasticize” and shape it.

But movement is also able to generate new blind spots – that’s why the TZZAZIT artists will never stop their activity to move objects and also themselves!

That is also a reason, why a social sculpture initiated by Eili Levy and Uri Levinson in cooperation with Freies Museum Berlin and other partners and supporters will be seen in Tel Aviv and in Berlin this year.

Another reason, why Berlin is chosen by the TZZAZIT artists as a partner location for the art project is that Berlins’ past is still a blind spot to Israelis.

For the first time through a live–streamed meeting via Internet and as an experiment workshop participants from Berlin and Tel Aviv will discuss several objects from daily life in Tel Aviv and Berlin and will put them into a new context..

The artist will try to generate pictures from the communicating objects developed by the activities of people joining the life- streamed-conversation.  These pictures will be screened live at the installations as part of a social sculptures in Tel Aviv and Berlin 2012.

Berlin – project   from September 6 – 16 / 2012 includes 3 events, everybody is invited to:

An  interactive  ,  trans-regional  workshop  based  on  a  live-
streamed meeting on September 6 at 7 p.m. at Freies Museum

People  from Tel  Aviv  will  meet people from Berlin on the occasion of the opening of the installation “Spare me your blind spots” – an installation that is one of several art projects that will be shown during “I love art” days on September 6 – 8 in Tel.

Together with the artist Ola Lewinson  the TZZAZIT artists will generate pictures of the live- conversation between objects put in any relation by people from Tel Aviv and Berlin who will be joining this meeting screened simultaneously at the installation in Tel Aviv as part of the artwork.

A local workshop on September 11-13. / 5 p.m.
People from Berlin are invited to the workshop and they are encouraged to bring objects, artifacts and any kind of small electrical household aids, which are connected to their private “blind spots” in any way and to create new objects (some kind of new moving constructions as part of the final installation) out of them with the support of the artists,

A second interactive , trans-regional workshop based on a live-
streamed meeting on September 16 / 7 p.m.

As part of many art projects and openings during “Kunstherbst Berlin” on September  11-16,  people from Berlin will meet people from Tel Aviv on the occasion of the opening of the installation “Spare me your blind spots”.

Again together with the artist Ola Lewin the TZZAZIT artists will generate pictures of the live- conversation between objects put in any relation by people from Berlin and Tel Aviv who will be joing the meeting screened simultaneously at the installation in Berlin at Freies Museum Berlin as part of the artwork.

Berlin – partners

Freies Museum Berlin, independend art institution All three events will be organized in the yard and the café of Freies Museum Berlin that is well known as production and communication hot spot in Berlin. Located in short distance to the Potsdamer Platz square it is in the neighborhood of many galleries..

The Freie Museum Berlin has been founded on initiative of interdisciplinary working artists in July 2009. In line with Joseph Beuys’ understanding of art as part of collective consciousness, it’s exhibitions function as social plastics and are self-organized by local and international artists.

Marianne Simon-Wagner
Potsdamer Str. 91
10785 Berlin

Constanze Kleiner

Ola Lewin and HOMENET.TV
artist, Berlin

The live-streamed meetings in Berlin are a cooperation between TZZAZIT artists and the Berlin based artist Ola Lewin and her project HOMENET.TV.
Ola Lewin is very experienced in interactive, internet-based art projects. She was invited for the Poznan Biennale in 2010 and is also the founder of creative experts e.V. , HOMENET TV and
HOMENET TV is a real people network that grows in progress. It is a art activated communication platform for intercultural meetings between people situated in different locations with skype  technology  tools  .  The  chosen  art  content  activates to rethink social, economic and ecological structures   using new approaches of open knowledge, communication and technology.
Connecting locations to one place with skype, HOMENET TV brings people together to participate and build one creative community that takes responcibility for the future.

Sharon Horodi artist, Berlin

ArtEngeneers are a team of international professionals with different cultural backgrounds with great experience and a
strong network in curatorial, technical and commercial areas of  contemporary  art.  They  take  care  of  all  aspects  of  the arts’ needs. They are not only specialized on a flexible, fast and creative cooperation with artists but also with curators, collectors  and  institutions.  Their  target  is  the  successful completion of projects in museums, art galleries and public.

Michiko Ogura Project Manager