Freies Museum – Berlin

Action No. 5 at the Freies Museum Berlin


“spare me your blind spot”  Freies Museum, Berlin
September 2012

The Project “spare me your blind spot”  within the framework of an event “Berlin Art Week” in 2012  This fits in with the Action 4 “spare me your blind spot” that took place in Tel Aviv
Actions 4 and 5 expanded the circle of activity and created an event that begins in Tel Aviv and continued in Berlin.  Dealing with the motion as a way to clear and expose blind spots. Actions chased each other and took advantage of the continuity art events in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

The action in Berlin was curated by Constanze Kleiner and in collaboration with artist Sharon Horodi (a Hmifal) and artist Ole Levin (homenet TV) a Workshop was held at the Freies Museum Berlin. Workshop participants gathered from a community school in Berlin and other participants.  All workshop participants received a uniform small electrical motor (the motor of a microwave oven) and series objects all items bought in “all for one Euro” shops. During the work partnerships developed between the participants. The dynamics of group is always part of the work.
Ely and Uri created a “Mizaz” based on constanze grandmother’s cabinet. The entire object created by the participants where nested and integrated into it, giving true meaning to the non-hierarchic approach.

“The TZZAZIT artists try to initiate a new perspective and a new way to see the surrounding world that not only consists of objects, but of subjects, something one doesn’t realize during daily routine. Every “object” exists with an own world of relationships, that is surprising and worth to be discovered.” read more
Constanze Kleiner, Curator


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