Action No. 4 at “We Love Art” TLV


Project “spare me your blind spot” within the framework of an event “Loving Art Making Art”, Tel Aviv 2012 This fits in with the action number 5 “spare me your blind spot” in Berlin
September 2012

Actions 4 and 5 expanded the circle of activity and created an event that begins in Tel Aviv and continued in Berlin.  Dealing with the motion as  a way to clear and expose  blind spots . Actions chased each other and took advantage of the continuity art events in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

A  Tzzazit workshop was held in the studio of the artist Eli Levy. the Studio is a shelter  Tel Aviv municipality allocates to artists. Workshop participants were collected through advertising on social networks, including the facebook.

In addition to the familiar base elements we added two new elements. One: the participants were given materials and objects from Berlin to be integrated into the “meizazim”.  Second: the need to address the meizaz created by eilu  and Uri as the space of presentation.

The exhibition was held in the opening evening of the Tel Aviv art work.  During the event interactive video connection was established with berlin that enabled two-way interaction between the Tel Aviv Exhibition site and berlin Friese Museum

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