Action No. 3 at the Willy Brandt Center, Jerusalem

Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem
June 2012

The workshop’s participants were selected by the WBC center according to the values of the center.
The workshop began by dismantling electrical device in order to reveal the engines that later were used to build the meizazim.
The exposing of the engines and the dismantling of them were an act of “sleuthing” that reveals the engineering solutions used in building the product and allowed learning-oriented perspectives of different movement’s issues.
The relationships that have developed between the participants were as important as the artistic works that were created and influenced them in many ways.
The workshop ended in an exhibition that was built into a metal frame of a mattress and trade interaction between the individual works is placed in close proximity and creates specific contexts and movements relate to each other.
Relationships between the works reflected the special relationship that has developed between the workshops participants.
Thanks to Cheb  Kammerer and Rebecca and Windus  from the WBC in Jerusalem.


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